About us

A4 Mobility and the University of Padova are in charge of the project funded by Regione Veneto.

A4 Mobility

A4 Mobility is a company of A4 Holding Group which operates in design, development and maintenance of the integrated solutions for the mobility and safety.

A4 Mobility has specific competences in the field of services and products, technologies, applications and maintenance, intended to the areas of mobility and transport. Therefore it is configured as a player of the ITS sector (Intelligent Transport Systems) with elevated “degree of coverage” of the different segments of the market and a mainly approach of the system integrators.


University of Padova

The University of Padova has existed for almost eight hundred years – a time which may be chronicled in many ways: the succession of influential figures, the changing nature of study, and of the very conception of knowledge and its recipients, history in continual transformation.

The Transportation Laboratory  is part of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (ICEA). Main activities of the laboratory are transportation systems analysis, planning and management, and the study of driving behaviors with driving simulators experiments.